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Adrian Hill

July 02, 2021

Amy Bodkin

March 12, 2021
I bought a Loaded White Honda CRV today from Grow Automotive on Watson Rd. It's nice working with a small company. Everyone was extremely helpful! Thank you!


June 25, 2021
Great customer service Good communication Make you feel at home

Coco Cue

August 18, 2021
They work with you!!! Literally please come very pleasant experience! ????

Cydney Grote

April 19, 2021
Great team to work with, my husband and i both have purchased cars from grow. Would recommend!

Danielle Vasquez

June 15, 2021
Great customer service and vehicles are priced to sell. So happy with our purchase.

iiGotDaGrenade -

June 03, 2021
PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING FROM THEM ! Bought a car from them , it keeps shutting off while I’m driving , this is the third time now ...the first time it got towed they said it was just me running out of gas , which was incorrect because the same problem happens again . The car had bad brakes when I bought it , but he just tried to convince me it was due to the vehicle sitting on the lot , I changed the brakes myself . I had no oil in my car when I bought it , they just refilled that after it broke down the first time , they know I have 2 kids and I DoorDash to ea money, but they still have not gave me an alteative option , no loaner car , apparently according to Chris I’m not able to get a new car in exchange for this one and pay payments on that one ....I’ve had the car for about 2 weeks ..the customer service on the phone wasn’t friendly , it was more of a “NOT MY PROBLEM” type of tone.... I even had my girlfriend purchase a car from them 3-5 days after I got mine from them ...I guess that means nothing , anyways I won’t be back neither will my friends or family ...pretty disappointed , I have too many things to do to be having car problems on day 12 .... UPDATE: Just talked to DAVE about my car because none of them updated me and called me to let know my car has been towed back to the repair shop , THIS GUY HAD HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AS WELL AS CHRIS ....Dave told me he can’t predict when my car would break down , and basically blamed me for them selling me a bad car . Started to get aggressive over the phone because he was mad I left a bad review , even mentioned the mother of my children crashing her car . He asked me was that his fault that she crashed ? Lol this car dealer is a joke , money hungry , unreasonable, lying , manipulating fools ... Dave acts like a child and is not professional what so ever . Told me he doesn’t have to help me at all ...DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM , I REGRET IT I WOULD RATHER WALK THEN DEAL WITH THEM ....HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE Ps: Notice on every bad review they try to blame the one who wrote it , never accepting there wrong doings

Jake Janos

May 28, 2021
Just bought my first car and runs great and nice. They told me his everything was str8 up and had the price to match the car? Will retu in the future.

Jimmie Moorehead

March 19, 2021
Welcome with respect awesome staff love it easy approval

Lashonda Hill

July 02, 2021
This was a quick and easy process. Chris was very professional and quick. The car that was advertised was exactly what I got. I will refer customers to Grow Automotive.

Nicole Lewis

February 18, 2021
They have the best customer service I have ever experienced good people to do business with thank you it's so much

Nicole Mertens

April 21, 2021

Pr Powell

February 20, 2021
The sales person and credit manager were very helpful, patience (I had tons of questions), friendly, and extremely professional.

Ryan Palumbo

June 18, 2021
The process was quick and painless with no song and dance nonsense. Everything was laid out clearly.

Takyra Williams

February 24, 2021
Chris was very helping and so was his partner! They made me feel really comfortable, really friendly and just like they promised I was in and out with in a hour! Everything we talked about over messages were true no hidden agenda!

Vynir Records

April 29, 2021
Very professional and cared greatly for my situation. Got me something instantly and it is well maintained. I recommend talking to Chris!

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Carrie Weathers

May 07, 2021
Grow Automotive was completely AMAZING! They made us feel right at home. They were very down to Earth and professional. They worked very hard to get my husband and I the best deal possible. They worked with us to get us the most affordable that was comfortable and within our means. They really went the extra mile! Chris and Dave were excellent! THANK YOU!!!

Courtney Baltzell

February 27, 2021
This is my second time buying a car from Grow Automotive. Chris was very knowledgeable and helpful. Great place with great prices. I highly recommend Grow Automotive.

Crystal Taylor

June 17, 2021
Very nice and personable, up front and knowledgeable about the vehicles...they have you in and out and not in the office all day lonnnggg...I love my van and I enjoyed meeting Jack,Dave and Chris...they are all down to earth.I would most definitely recommend..and retu.

Dan Wirick

April 21, 2020
They are a great dealer. Honest & no pressure sales people. A nice place for a clean preowned vehicle!

Josie Noble

February 28, 2021
Just bought a car today and I’m super happy to say hand down best service.

Julie Heinemann

February 20, 2020
5 stars My family and I just purchased a new family vehicle through Grow Automotive. Purchasing a new vehicle can be a very stressful experience but Jack, Chris, and Dave at Grow Auto made the experience quick and pain free! Extremely happy with our experience and look forward to working with them again in the future!

Kurt Syberg

March 18, 2020
Chris and Jack were great to work with, vehicles are fairly priced, no pressure or haggling, great experience!

Kurt-Donna R-Kruger

January 18, 2020
Best deals outstanding staff.

Mackenzie Becker

February 13, 2020
Super nice guys! I felt no pressure at all and they still took my old car as trade in despite how run down she’s become!

Maggie Ryan

February 19, 2021
these people were extremely helpful and had me in and out with a car in no time! 5 stars and a 2 thumbs up ???? ????

Raoul Robichaux

April 21, 2020
Grow can be counted on. They helped my daughter with a flaky moonroof on a car she bought from them over a year earlier. Not many car dealers would do something like that.

RoseAnne Wilson-Patterson

March 29, 2021
The friendly service and the honesty. Very family oriented

Shawn Thomas Neil Cook

August 13, 2021
fast, easy. no hassle. good people.

Sherry Upchurch-Coleman

July 07, 2021
Easy to work with They work with me on my payments for a fast pay off. Plus after my car accident they was able to work with me and getting into a new vehicle.

Stephen Anderson

March 20, 2020
Bought great used car from them..Very satisfied all aspects

Steve Young

May 02, 2021
Great guys to work with. Chris had everything wrapped up before we even got there. Will do business there again

Tracie Cotton

April 08, 2021
They were amazing! They are truly great people to work with on purchasing a car! 5 stars and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Very family oriented. Thanks so much guys!

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